Lou’s Memorial

Our sweet boy, Lou (aka Lou Bear), was the joy of our lives. We adopted him, a magnificent senior cat, from a shelter in San Antonio back in 2011. He sealed the deal at the shelter when he sprang up on a table near me and put his paw on my heart. My husband and I were gifted 8 years with him, until he crossed the rainbow bridge at 17 years old.

Lou was the best big brother to his sisters— Lucy, who we adopted as a kitten, and Lonni Marie, our literal scaredy cat. To Lucy, he was a warm pillow to rest her head on; to Lonni, he was a confidence boost and a refuge from naughty Lucy’s antics.

Lou was also well traveled, having taken 2 cross country trips with us as we relocated for work. He had a warm, gentle demeanor about him— to be near him was to be in an omnipotent hug; he always received rave reviews at the vet for his good behavior. Lou loved laying in the sun, his banana and cigar catnip toys, his arched cat scratcher, laying in fresh laundry, chin scritchels, cat treats, catnip, swatting at shoe laces, and to be loved on and brushed by Mom or Dad. He loved putting on his red plaid cat vest to go on walks outside, where he would enjoy a buffet of grass. Most of all, he loved the warmth of sitting in someone’s lap.

There are no words to describe how much he changed our lives the past 8 years; no words to describe our adoration for this most handsome boy, our Lou Bear. There are no words to capture the unfathomable, unfathomable abyss he left in a world without him.

He was our love, our light. Lou put his paw on my heart at the shelter in San Antonio back in 2011. It’s still there.

It’s never easy to lose a beloved pet. Please know that our team is always here if you need to talk. We’ll get through this difficult time together. Use the form below to submit a photo and your favorite memory of your time with your companion.