Milo’s Memorial

Milo was diagnosed with terminal cancer on 12/20. Having Dr. Spade and the great team of people at Senior Paws as part of his care extended life by 7 months. Dr. Spade made it pain-free, peaceful at home with family, and biological sibling Bree, doing the things that made him happy. It made his end-of-life transition easier, for us too. We are so grateful for all the guidance and support.
Milo was 7 lb’s of big personality, from the start as a tiny 6 mo old. Bree would chase him in our backyard; while running, he would roll and go back the opposite way to trick her. When excited, he twirled around and around. He loved to snuggle in his blanket, loved walks and his bones. We’d give each a bone; Milo would hide his bone, take Bree’s to trick us into thinking he was chewing his. He was a rascal! Every morning he went outside his favorite bone in the mouth and did his business while still holding it. Loved to be chased, he would stand starring at us with a low growl until we ran after him. Milo enjoyed Christmas; we filled little stockings with a toy and bone. He stuck his head into a stocking and pulled goodies out, happy to have a new bone—so many stories about this little guy and his shenanigans, too many to list. We’re grateful we had our sweet boy for 11 years & 9 months. We’ll miss Milo forever!

Thank you, Dr. Spade, Rebecca, Diana, Dr. Sandberg, and the whole team of compassionate people at Senior Paws

Lola’s Memorial

Today we said goodbye to my first baby, my love, and my best friend. We found each other at just the right time, she had been in the kennel for far too long and I was having a difficult time. We both needed each other. She taught me patience and discipline and I taught her “paw”. She was fiercely loyal to me and was by my side through some of the worst and best days. She was unapologetically licky and always did what she wanted…I loved that wild sparkle in her eye.

I am beyond thankful Annalise (my daughter) got to know her and her kindness.
She has taken a piece of my heart and I will be forever grateful for her presence in my life. Till we meet again my friend! 🌈🧡🐾😇 this photo was taken just a week before we had to say goodbye 🌈🐾🧡😇


Benji’s Memorial

My little Benji was such a character. Full of unconditional love. Always happy. Benji loved to travel. It didn’t matter if it was just to the store.

I don’t remember ever hurting as much as I did when I had to say good-bye. Dr. Laura was amazing. She came in and explained everything to me very patiently. I sat with my Benji through the entire process. I never once felt like I needed to rush. It was a very peaceful end to my Benji’s suffering.

I will never be able to thank Dr. Laura for her compassion.

Tina Brush

Pairo’s Memorial

Pairo was a great dog. He was always very vocal ever since he was a puppy. He loved to chase other dogs and bark. He loved to wrestle with his toys. He enjoyed sun bathing and rolling around in the grass. He was very athletic when he was young and would run for miles almost everyday and jump more than 4 feet in the air. He enjoyed chasing Whippets at the Dog Park but he was never able to catch one. Lol. He was great with kids and loved to kiss my nephew and his friend while they rolled around on the floor. He was a big time cuddle buddy. He loved to wrap his arms and legs around my body when he slept and he would lay his head on my stomach. He lived a full life and was loved very much by a lot of people and his mate Kali. We all miss him very much and we look forward to seeing him again in Heaven.

Thank you to everyone at Senior Paws for helping to make Pairo’s last year of life as best as possible for him and for providing him with the ability to pass away comfortably at home. Thank you for your compassion and for truly caring about Pairo.

I will always miss you PaPa Pairo.

Angel’s Memorial

We Thank senior paws for being so caring an respectful to our 2 pups. We lost Missy in 2018 -and We got our pup Angel in 2004. We took her to senior paws on 7/2020. She was the best lil guard dog. She loved camping swimming an sleeping in our king size bed lol. RIP🐾. We will miss you💔. She is now with her sissy in doggie heaven. Thank you senior paws 🐾 ❤

Lou’s Memorial

Our sweet boy, Lou (aka Lou Bear), was the joy of our lives. We adopted him, a magnificent senior cat, from a shelter in San Antonio back in 2011. He sealed the deal at the shelter when he sprang up on a table near me and put his paw on my heart. My husband and I were gifted 8 years with him, until he crossed the rainbow bridge at 17 years old.

Lou was the best big brother to his sisters— Lucy, who we adopted as a kitten, and Lonni Marie, our literal scaredy cat. To Lucy, he was a warm pillow to rest her head on; to Lonni, he was a confidence boost and a refuge from naughty Lucy’s antics.

Lou was also well traveled, having taken 2 cross country trips with us as we relocated for work. He had a warm, gentle demeanor about him— to be near him was to be in an omnipotent hug; he always received rave reviews at the vet for his good behavior. Lou loved laying in the sun, his banana and cigar catnip toys, his arched cat scratcher, laying in fresh laundry, chin scritchels, cat treats, catnip, swatting at shoe laces, and to be loved on and brushed by Mom or Dad. He loved putting on his red plaid cat vest to go on walks outside, where he would enjoy a buffet of grass. Most of all, he loved the warmth of sitting in someone’s lap.

There are no words to describe how much he changed our lives the past 8 years; no words to describe our adoration for this most handsome boy, our Lou Bear. There are no words to capture the unfathomable, unfathomable abyss he left in a world without him.

He was our love, our light. Lou put his paw on my heart at the shelter in San Antonio back in 2011. It’s still there.

Nikki’s Memorial

She gave my family so much joy, and she was my first pet. I was blessed to have her for the time that I did. I had her since she was 7 weeks old and she gave us 16 years of laughs, love, and now tears. But I know in my heart she is not suffering anymore and I would not have it any other way. She will forever be missed.

Bonnie’s Memorial

Bonnie loved sleeping in, wrestling with her brother Clyde, chewing on leather goods (purse straps were her favorite), salmon treats and chasing off squirrels in the backyard. Bonnie hated collars, vets, motorcycles, kids on bicycles, snow, car rides, animals in her backyard, people she didn’t know trying to pet her, dog parks … she was little, but overflowing with spunk and personality! She was adored and will be forever missed!

It’s never easy to lose a beloved pet. Please know that our team is always here if you need to talk. We’ll get through this difficult time together. Use the form below to submit a photo and your favorite memory of your time with your companion.
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