We appreciate your kind words.

I am extremely sad to have lost my sweet pup Lily, but Dr Spade and her assistant Kristine really made the process as easy as it could be. They were so kind and understanding and answered all questions with compassion. they truly care for animals and the service they provide is heartwarming. My Lily passed in the comfort of our home, with me, my husband and other dog Fred present. this was mush less traumatic than a visit to the vets surgery, and i find comfort knowing her last moments were peaceful and stress free. Thanks you Dr Spade, Kristina and Senior Paws. I will miss Lily always.
Nicola H.

These people infuse one of life’s most difficult decisions with kindness and compassion. They treated me and my precious ailing senior dog with the utmost respect and care. I was dreading this day, but the peace and light they brought into my home really made the experience so much better than i ever could have thought possible. The grief packet, handouts and resources were also so helpful.
Caroline P.

The incredible folks at Senior Paws do one of the hardest jobs in the world and do it very well. They helped me with my elderly cat, who they brought back from the edge. Someday it will be her time, but Senior Paws helped give me many more months with my old girl. I will call them again when it is her time. Cannot recommend highly enough!
April S.

Everyone on staff at Senior Paws is extremely compassionate, caring, and helpful. They listened to and answered our questions, and solidified the painful decision we had to make about our boy, Rusty. We were given a lot of information and time with him during the process, and they were very professional and thoughtful the entire time. I strongly encourage everyone to consider Senior Paws when the time comes.
Julia Z.

I want to thank Dr. Sandberg and her assistant who made my sweet Samantha’s goodbye at my home go as peacefully as possible.

They were so caring and my sweet kitty went to sleep on my chest, listening to me say I love her over and over…she saw my face and felt my cuddle on her final journey 🙁

I am sooooooo grateful that Samantha didn’t have to go into the carrier, then car (she hated cars) then the Vet waiting room. Instead Samantha had a peaceful journey at home.

I miss my Sammy so much but thankfully, I will remember our final moments were in peace…thank you Team Senior Paws… for now on all my furbuddies and doggies when their time comes to an end… will be at home

Brent K.

This is a wonderful company and great group of people. They helped us through this process with such compassion. Our Nelly fell asleep peacefully at home, surrounded by her favorite foods and things. She didn’t appear stressed, nervous or scared. Thank you so much for everything.
Thais T.

I am a professional dog trainer in Austin, and for the past fourteen years, Gretchen, one of my most beloved clients and our “god-dog” has stayed in our home whenever her mom has traveled. Gretchen was in hospice care with Senior Paws for the last 18 months of her life. During that time Gretchen experienced a number of health crises, as elderly pets do. Dr. Spade was an excellent and supportive resource, and she genuinely cared not just about Gretchen but about Gretchen’s mom. Having Dr. Spade as part of Gretchen’s care team extended her life span and made her end-of-life transition easier. I highly recommend this practice to anyone with elderly pets.
Kim R.

I cannot begin to express the gratefulness my wife and I feel for cat veterinary clinic referring us to this service and even more so for last wishes. The vet and tech were loving, caring, compassionate, and supportive. I felt like they truly cared; this is without a doubt a vocation for them. He passed peacefully in our arms. They took a paw print for us, and as our last memory of him, they snuggled him in a blanket, placed him in an open carrier, he looked so peaceful… This process would have been so much more traumatic than it already was if it wasn’t for you guys, and for that we are eternally grateful.
Gregory P.

Dr. Julia Spade and assistant Stacie Alves came to us on short notice with such grace and compassion in our time of need. Suddenly, they were such an important part of our family and we could not have been more blessed with such a peaceful departure, surrounded by love and in a place of great comfort. In-home pet euthanasia was the ideal choice to bring our beloved girl eternal sleep. Run free, sleep restfully, forever in our hearts – RIP Libby Bear. The Raymonds.
Brad R.

Needed to euthanize our beloved dog while on cross country journey. Senior Paws helped us coordinate details while we were traveling. Had him euthanized in Louisiana then took him to last wishes in Houston for aquamation. These folks couldn’t have been more helpful and compassionate.
Dolly A.

Senior Paws made the stress of our dog’ s last moments beautiful. It was calm and peaceful. They gave us all the time we wanted and they were full of empathy. Thank you for being heros for pets that are suffering.
Addison E.

I honestly wish I never had to contact them but I am so glad they were available. My precious girl, Stella, was diagnosed with cancer and it was very aggressive. She deteriorated so rapidly and at the end she became terrified of the vets office. I knew I couldn’t take her there to release her from her suffering. I was familiar with Senior Paws because Stacie, one of the veterinary technicians, had cared for my girl when she had knee surgery. I started to look into it and when the time came, I knew I had to have them come to our home. Dr. Cornelius and her assistant arrived and sat down with me to go over everything. I was a mess. She explained what was going to happen and went over the options for Stella once she had passed. Dr. Cornelius and her technician were very respectful of us in our time of grief. They respected my girl and treated her with such great care. She wasn’t just an object she was our loved one and they were very respectful of that. I was given her lovely paw print too. Afterwards, I decided to contact Stacy Kipp who helps with grief counseling and it was like I could finally breathe. I’ve been so beside myself I thought I was going crazy. I hope no one goes through what we had to go through but if you do, you can trust Senior Paws to make sure that your pet is taken care of.
Natalie K.

Dr.Cornelius & her staff were excellent.We are grateful for her kindness & patience.
Rhett B.

It takes a special kind of person to provide this service, the Senior Paws team are some of the most compassionate people I have ever met, and Every member of the team is very passionate about what they do. Whatever service you and your pet require, they do everything they can to make the process as easy as possible for both of you from start to finish. Im always happy to recommend their services to others and I keep their bumper sticker on my car so hopefully more people will know about it who may need it.
Haylee W.

I could write 1,000 words on here and it wouldn’t even begin to express my gratitude for Dr. Spade and the staff at Senior Paws. My diabetic senior cat, Loki, was under their care for well over a year and we believe that Senior Paws gave us every bit of that last year with Loki. Dr. Spade and Michelle were in constant contact with us regarding Loki and his health. When it was time for him to go, they were there 100%. I would suggest them and their services to anyone!! Thank you, Senior Paws!
Amy & Eric L.

They take great care of my elderly dog and they’ve done a great job of managing her pain. I never feel rushed at appointments and there’s always someone I can contact if I have any questions.
Sara A.

They were very helpful and understanding.
Melissa S.

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